Senior Living in Gainesville, Georgia

BeeHive Homes of Gainesville is a senior living facility and it is truly your home away from home. You get 24-hour assistance with your daily living activities. You will have a private room unless you have a spouse and you want to share a room. All your housekeeping and laundry services are provided for you. One of the most popular activities our residents rave about is the delicious home-cooked meals. We provide 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. Our kitchen is in the center of the home so the residents can see the staff cooking their meals and they can enjoy the amazing smells coming from the kitchen.

We have plenty of seating on the front porch so our residents can go out and get some fresh air or simply watch the cars go by. It is a nice place to sit and talk to their visitors. We want our residents to enjoy their time with us here at BeeHive Homes and we do everything we can to assist them while making sure we do not take out the home environment.

We are often asked, why do Seniors need a medical alert necklace if they live in a senior community? It is not a secret, we all know the main reason is safety. They can call for help if they are alone in their room, and they need assistance going to the bathroom or with some other task. It also helps with fall prevention because they can call for assistance just by pressing the button. We provide each resident with a medical alert necklace at no additional cost.

Another question we get when someone comes in for a tour is, what type of payment options are there to live here? Unfortunately, in a personal care home, it is monthly payments on a private pay basis. You can use your insurance for your pharmacy needs, medical transportation, and other medical services with outside agencies like physical therapy or hospice care.

We are sure you would love to call BeeHive Homes of Gainesville your home!

2 Thoughts on “Your Home Away From Home”

  • ‘The Beehive’ of Gainesville has been my 90 year old mother’s home since November 2017. It has been a wonderful place for her to live. Prior to her move, she lived in a cottage on our property with live-in care/companionship, following recovery from a fall & a hip replacement. That seemed like an ideal setting. However, we were making plans to relocate to Dahlonega. Not knowing our timeline, I needed a suitable place for my mother to live, with the very best care. I took a tour of The Beehive, attracted to it because of its small size, the open, airy design & the concept of a personal care home. From the moment I walked into the entrance area, I felt like I was home. The atmosphere was cozy & inviting. After making the decision to move her, I literally held my breath (& did a lot of praying & soul searching), hoping that my mother would ‘settle in’ & be happy. To my great relief, she made friends quickly, ate well (because the food is ‘home cooked’ & delicious!), & became more active & social, after moving into The Beehive. The experienced staff are compassionate, professional & up-beat. The care my mother receives is absolutely impeccable. The other residents are precious & truly love each other. I visit my mother multiple times each week & my presence is always welcomed. I will continue to ‘highly recommend’ The Beehive to anyone who is looking for a home-like, loving, safe & nurturing living environment for themselves or a loved one. Thank you, Beehive, from the bottom of my heart! I truly LOVE each & every one of you. XOXO

  • I would like to thank Nayna and Nikul Paikh for the excellent care they provide the residents here at the BeeHive. I have been here several months after a fall caused paraplegia and 3 months of rehab and they have generously provide all the care and comfort I need. The BeeHive provides personal care, respite care and memory care in a beautiful facility that is clean and well kept. The food is home cooked and delicious and the staff is caring and courteous. I have to give special thanks to Miss Stacey, who not only cooks like your Mama did but loves you and takes good care of you. She starts every day with a cheerful “Good Morning Sunshine.” Thank you BeeHive. – Carrie Williams

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