For a lot of people, caring for an elderly family member is part of dailyPersonal Care Home Gainesville life. Being a full-time caregiver to a family member or loved one is a job that can be both physically and mentally demanding, though. This is why Respite Care is so important! Respite Care is short-term planned or emergency care. This type of care relieves a person’s primary caregiver but ensures that the person’s daily needs are still taken care of.

Respite Care is important not only for someone who requires daily living assistance but also for their caregiver. We understand that caregivers get tired, too and could use a break every now and then. Breaks are important for caregivers because it can relieve stress and restore your energy. Also, it helps your family member or loved one by providing variety and stimulation, which makes Respite Care beneficial for both of you.

While Respite Care is designed to be temporary, at BeeHive Homes of Gainesville, Respite Care residents will receive the same amenities that our full-time residents do. Personalized care from our professional, around-the-clock staff is included as well as a suite, daily home-cooked meals, medication management, and an emergency response system that is customized to each resident.

Respite Care at BeeHive Homes costs $150/day with a minimum stay of 10 days. Choosing a facility for Respite Care is an important decision, and at BeeHive Homes of Gainesville, we are committed to making sure you and your loved ones feel confident and welcomed into our home.

We would love to give you a tour of our facility and provide you and your loved ones with an idea of what it’s like to be a resident at BeeHive Homes of Gainesville. It is our goal to make sure you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is cared for 24/7 during their stay at our home. Contact us to get started!

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