Medication Services in a Personal Care Home

When a potential or new resident comes in for a tour or moves in at BeeHive Homes of Gainesville, they always ask the important question, “What is the policy for medication administration?” The answer is simple, we offer medication monitoring and charting.

Residents can use the pharmacy of their choice to provide their medication. Although it is preferred, they use the pharmacy provider that provides that service for the home. The trained staff offers reminders and assistance to the residents as they take their medications. All medication doses are charted and monitored per state regulations for a personal care home.

If the resident is using the pharmacy that services the home, the staff will order refills and new orders as needed. If the resident is using an outside pharmacy, the family has the option to handle renewing prescriptions or a trained staff member can send it over and then inform the responsible party the orders have been sent to their pharmacy.

All medications are kept in a secure medication cart for everyone’s safety and medication audits are done based on pharmacy and state regulations.

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